WeCare Pack  was founded during the height of the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. From the beginning of March 2020, at almost every 24 hours interval, there seemed to be something new that's developing, regarding the virus. At one point, we've seen local supermarkets running out of supplies for some essential items, strict travel restrictions imposed and we've even entered into a stage of a partial city lockdown named Circuit Breaker.

We do live in strange times indeed.

However, Singapore is still staying strong in terms of our response to curb the spread and this won't be possible if not for the everyday heroes that are protecting and defending us. These could be co workers that are keeping companies running, essential service workers at the frontlines or even parents who are working from home while managing their childs' home based learning.

WeCare Pack provides a means to say thank you to our loved ones who are simply preventing our nation or organisations or families from stalling and falling apart. Gift a care package to a loved one, a colleague or a complete stranger. Our gift pack is meant for who you want it for.

If you'd like to order in bulk, feel free to contact us at and we will be glad to assist.

till then, stay safe.

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