Who else is at the Front Lines?

It's true that some heroes don't wear capes. In recent months, whenever we hear the words 'Front Liners', images of nurses, doctors and health care workers immediately come to mind. Well, that's pretty logical since in olden days, front liners typically refer to infantry soldiers right at the front lines, risking their lives to battle the enemies. And rightly inferred, medical health care workers are now battling a war against an unknown virus (the COVID-19), that has infected millions worldwide. Our modern day heroes.

While the medical health care workers work tirelessly to treat the infected, all but risking their lives to do so, there are also some others at the other Front Line, playing the defense of our countries and nations, just to make sure nothing is stalled. In local terms, they are otherwise know as the essential workers. (well, there's a reason we are all at home right now)

1. Public Transport / Private Hire Personnel

From the public buses to subway trains and even to private hire cars, these grand masters behind the wheels are the dedicated personnel that ferries other essential workers to work. That's multiple levels of essential here. The work is risky because of the amount of human contact they are exposed to on a daily basis. Without them, we will arguably come to a standstill.

2. Delivery / Dispatch Personnel

With BCP, WFH and HBL all in full force, everyone is going online to buy something. Be it food or printer inks or some items that you won't need, these parcels don't just magically appear at your doorsteps. They are handled by courier personnel, working tirelessly to make sure your purchases reach you on time. It's typically a thankless job so do give them some tips or show some gratitude the next time.

3. Supermarket Cashiers and Packers

Supermarkets are now our favourite place to visit these days. Just to get our daily necessities of course. But tasks like payment and bagging of items are all handled by our trusty cashiers and of course, the can-food and toilet rolls which have been snagged up by hoarders don't just magically restock over night. These employees are at risks each day, and still have their responsibilities to fulfill. Just don't make their jobs any harder.

4. Uniformed Personnel

The folks that are incharge of homeland security, law and order, perhaps even border control and immigration are the ones that have to hold the fort for us. Like health care workers, they respond to the call of duty and carry on with their duties till they are told to stand down. They protect us in their own ways and definitely deserve our love and respect.

If you know or have someone who is working to keep Singapore from stalling, you may wish to gift him/her a care pack. We will be glad to help.

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