Let's face it. Since the announcement of our semi lockdown, we've seen many Singaporeans taking to the streets to jog (despite calls for everyone to stay home). We can now confirm that no amount of educational materials from our Health Promotioin Board can push us as much as the Circuit Breaker does in keeping fit. 


And if you are like one of us, then we are more concern with what we put into our mouths. During any type of stay home order, it's important to be safe and healthy. We want our loved ones, friends, and even colleagues to stay healthy not just for themselves, but also for us. (for whatever reasons it might be)


So, we've put together a box load of power-ups and immune system upgrades to keep you all healthy and fit.


This specially curated care pack contains the essential items to stay all healthy, fit and ... boring. No tidbits are included here. We can't have you living a dangerous lifestyle at home.


If you keen to explore this, do enquire with us at hello@wecarepack.sg


Prepared with love. Hand Delivered with Care.

Get 1 for yourself or send it as a gift to your loved one.

The Fitspo - Stay Healthy, Act Only

  • Free door to door delivery within 03 working days from day of order. For corporate orders, we will need abit more preparation time. We will advise accordindly.